Brief History of the Fort Worth Fire Department

The Fort Worth Fire Department was 1873 as a volunteer fire brigade. It has steadily progressed since that time, until today, where it is a diverse organization comprised of 745 full time professional firefighters.  The Fort Worth Fire Department serves the citizens of Fort Worth by providing the best level of protection available from ravages of fire. We respond to well over 57,000 incidents per year, 60% of which are Emergency Medical Calls. The Fort Worth Fire Department is a First Responder, which means that in an emergency, the Fire Department will respond EMT's and Paramedics to assist with Basic and Advanced Life Support measures. When you need an emergency professional, chances are that the first person you see that is going to be there to lend a hand, will be a highly trained professional firefighter, who has taken an oath to be willing to lay down his or her life for you, the citizen of Fort Worth.

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